Education Faculty

Faculty of Education

  • Major of Religion Education (Accredited by BAN-PT)
  • Major of English Language Education (Accredited by BAN-PT)
  • Major of Economics Education (Accredited by BAN-PT)
  • Major of Non-formal Education (Accredited by BAN-PT)



Universitas Klabat was established in 1965 under the name of Perguruan Tinggi Klabat.  One of the first opened major was 2-year degree in Elementary Education.  The UNKLAB Elementary School was established in 1968 as a lab school.  In the year 1970, as Perguruan Tinggi Klabat was changed into Sekolah Tinggi Klabat (Mount Klabat College), the Elementary Education major was upgraded into four-year degree program (BA). Two four-year degree majors were also added, English Language Education and Religion Education.  In 1974 another lab school was established, the UNKLAB Middle School, followed by the English Department.  This department administered general English courses and several Language Laboratories for all UNKLAB students.  The Social Education Major was established in 1976.

Faculty of Education itself was established officially in 1982, when Mount Klabat College was changed into Universitas Klabat.  There were four majors of studies,offering four-degree programs: Elementary Education (which later changed into Non-formal Education), English Language Education, Religion Education and Social Education (which later changed into Economics Education.

At first, the graduates only plotted to work in Adventists schools in East Indonesia, but later on as demand for public and other private school increased, they are equipped with national certification.  Since 1990s, all majors have been given operational permit by the government, and since 2000 the English Language Education major has received National Accreditation Status.   Aside of accreditation from National Accrediting Agency, the institution has been accredited internationally since its establishment in 1965, by the Adventist Accrediting Agency (AAA) from the General Conference of Adventist Church which is located in Maryland, USA.  Since 2000, Universitas Klabat has reached the 5-year fully accredited level, the highest from all Adventists universities around the world.

In 2005 another lab schools, the UNKLAB High School and UNKLAB Kindergarten was opened.  The current enrollment of the UNKLAB Lab schools (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School) is around 1,300.  Faculty of Education itself currently employes 32 lecturers, 14 of them are index workers.  There are around 400 students enrolled in four major of study with a four-year degree programs: English Language Education, Economic Education, Religion Education and Non-Formal Education.


Be a research and scientific oriented teacher training institution, which is advance in service and morality in 2030.


To generate professional and scientific teacher who is work-oriented, responsible, autonomous, and noble in accordance to Adventist Christian beliefs.

This mission could be elaborated into five parts, in which Faculty of Education UNKLAB teach the students to:

  1. Sharpen competence in scientific and inventiveness traits
  2. Develop pedagogic competence and teaching expertise
  3. Cultivate Pancasila mentality and civilized citizenship
  4. Become a competent human resource who is motivated and discipline
  5. Exemplify Christian values according to Adventist Education principles so as to serve the need of Adventist schools and community as well.



English Language Education Major (4 year degree) – Accredited “B” from National Accrediting Board for Higher Education.   Bachelor of Secondary Education, graduates work as English teachers in formal schools (Adventists, Public or Private).  Other prefers to work in Language courses, hotels, travel agencies, companies, or self-employed.

Religion Education Major (4 year degree) – Accredited “B” from National Accrediting Board for Higher Education. Bachelor of Arts in Education, graduates works as Religion teachers in formal schools (Adventists, Public or Private).  Other prefers to work in government religious agency and community services.

Non-Formal Education Major (4 year degree) with a Concentration in Basic K1-9 School– Accredited “C” from National Accrediting Board for Higher Education. Bachelor of Arts in Education, graduates works as Classroom teachers in all types of education, including courses and formal schools, or community service.  Others prefers to work in companies or self-employed.

Economics Education Major (4 year degree) with Concentration in Accounting and in Business Administration – Accredited “C” from National Accrediting Board for Higher Education. Bachelor of Arts in Education, graduates works as teachers in Vocational High Schools (Adventists, Public or Private).  Other prefers to work in companies, or self-employed.



Curriculum of all major of study in the Faculty of Education, divides the courses into eight regular semesters and one prerequisite semester.   Even though Universitas Klabat employ the credit system, which allows the students to choose courses by themselves, they were advised to follow the curriculum guidelines.  This will ease them in taking courses, since curriculum guidelines usually help them identify the prerequisite system of each courses.  Some courses become the prerequisite before other courses could be taken.

The curriculum structure of Faculty of Education follows general curriculum guidelines from the government, and was arranged based on competency of its graduates.  The required credit ranging from 149 – 160 which is divided into Prerequisite courses (9 – 18 SKS depends on entrance test), Major courses (51 – 69 SKS), General courses (21 – 33 SKS), Basic courses (30 – 34 SKS), Elective courses (4 – 6 SKS) and Minorcourses (24 SKS). There are seven minors to choose from: Religion, Engish, Elementary, Computer, Secretary, Biology and Economics.

Curriculum for all majors in Faculty of Education, Universitas Klabat was under constant revision every four to six years, after en evaluation from the teacher’s assembly, faculty senate, academic standard committee, university senate and university board committee.  Current curriculumswere initiated in 2011 and 2013.

As a teacher training institute under the Education Department of the Seventhday Adventist Church (Adventist Education), Faculty of Education issued a Adventist Teaching Certificate besides the Diploma for its graduates from all major of study.  Additionally, the certificate of teaching could be issued to other graduates who complete the 24 credits of  Basic Educational courses (In some Basic and Major courses).